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Gold Rally Slot

Gold Rally Slot: Appearances can be deceiving

If you look to Gold Rally from the outside or check the game’s thumbnails then chances are you won’t be impressed – it seems like a simple slot machine game with three reels and not much complexity after all.

Well, you’ll be dead wrong in your judgment because even though Gold Rally slot is tailored around casual players it is something worthy of playing because it packs a lot of features you won’t instantly notice.

Some of the features are going to be described by us throughout the next paragraph – but even the fact that it is a 3 reel slot machine is wrong, and we’ll tell you why.

Get a 9 Reel Play with the Gold Rally Slot Machine

If you start playing this game, then you’ll notice the reels all roll independently so you’re actually looking at a game which operates at its core like a nine reel slot machine – adding more complexity to the seemingly simple game.

If you’re worried this can get casual players out of it, then worry not as the lines for payment aren’t many, you can match stuff horizontally, vertically and diagonally, so this still remains a game worthy of casual players.

If you’re a casual gold digger yourself, you have to grab your virtual pickaxe and tackle this mine – nobody knows if you’re going to be the one to win the jackpot which averages at about eight hundred thousand dollars! (Yes, that’s right, $800.000).

Hear the Gold Rally Free: Dynamite gets you Bonus!

Finally, know that there’ s a pretty fun mini-game awaiting for you to unlock it, and the way you can do this is simple – match 4 bonus reel tiles on all of the four corners of the play board of the slot machine. If it helps you to know, these bonus reel tiles are pictured by sticks of dynamite.

Once you trigger the bonus, the mini-game will have you digging for gold, and if you manage to pick the gold up then you can continue mining indefinitely – this is where your payouts are really going to rise as you mine more and more gold.

Prosperity is up for grabs, and if you have to risk a bit to get it – most miners do!

Play Gold Rally Free and Enjoy some casual Gold Digging!

As a game that aims to cater to casual players, Gold Rally slot really benefits a lot from having the “play for free” feature that really attracts this niche of players.

If you find yourself to be one of those, then know this machine was built to please people just like you.

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