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Tattoos are something extremely old since even forgotten cultures used them either to embellish themselves or to mark a rite of passage or a religious belief. Throughout our path as humans, we used tattoos for many different purposes, but they are still to this day something many of us love and something some of us couldn’t live without.

Here is where this game comes into play, as it capitalizes on this important and amazing theme, immersing you in a tattoo-themed spinning frenzy on a slot that could very well be installed in some of Earth’s most famous tattoo parlors. You simply have to try this one!

Hot Ink Slot Game: Tattoos are Hot, so is this Game!

There are over 1000 ways to win in the Hot Ink slot machine game, and you can count on one thousand and twenty four ways if you want to be exact – add the re-spins feature to these odds and you’re looking at a slot that really delivers and keeps you profiting.

Having all of these chances to score a combination is something amazing and really good for your wallet, but the re-spin perk adds even more value to the overall game simply by letting you, for a low price, spin a single column again in order to try to get the combination you needed.

Sometimes one reel is only what stands in your way, baring your way to reach an insanely huge payout, and this is when you’ll want to make use of this perk to unlock that reel and get another chance for it to convert that combination for you and make the machine spill the coins over to your purse.

This is a risky feature though, and you must strategize on how you’re going to use it, and measure the possible payout’s amount in order to decide if a re-spin is worth it or just a waste of money – you may even have to re-spin more than once to get the reel you’re looking for after all.

The Album in the Hot Ink Slot: Three or More Logos?

There’s something we all love about the Hot Ink slot, and that is the fact it packs one of those addicting and great side-games you can play in most slots nowadays, but this one has quite the unique touch, pretty much in line with the rest of the tattoo-theme.

You’ll get a tattoo album with different tattoos on it, and you’ll be paid depending on the combos of your chosen section – if you’re lucky enough, you can be standing on a golden opportunity to cash out!

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