King of Cards

King of Cards Slot

If you have always been a fan of card games, you will not be able to resist playing this classic-looking slot game called King of Cards slot. The slot is another impressive addition to the list of slot games that have been manufactured by the company Novomatic.

To begin with, the look and graphics of this slot are sure to bowl you over. As the name suggests, the theme of the game is completely based on cards and all the symbols are precisely what you will find in a deck of cards.

The best part of the game is that it can be easily played, and the rules are not at all difficult to understand. Also, if you require any information regarding the scoring while you are playing the game, you can simply press the Info button placed in the panel on the slot machine.

How to Play and Win in King of Cards Slot

Although the slot game is easy to play, you must make yourself aware of the rules and scoring before you start off. Just like several other slot games, here too there are a maximum of 9 lines on which you can place bets. The bet value on each line can go up to a maximum of 100 credits; this means you can bet for a value of up to 900 credits in the game. Moving on to the symbols in the game, the most important one is that which resembles the ‘joker’ in a card game. The importance of this symbol is equivalent to what it is in several card games as it plays the role of the wild symbol. Therefore, it can substitute any other symbol in the game other than the ‘pile of chips’, which is the scatter symbol of the slot. All the other symbols also have their value, and you win points in multiples of the value whenever you hit a combo of three or more of the symbol.

King of Cards slot– The Bonus Game

The King of Cards slot game also has its own bonus game that is the lines of bonus games in other slots by Novomatic. To reach the bonus stage, you must match 3 or more of the scatter symbol, which is a ‘pile of chips' in this slot. The bonus game provides you with 15 free spins, and your winnings are all multiplied by 3.

To add to it, you can get more free spins if you can gather more scatter symbol combinations during the free spins.

If you have not tried this slot game so far, you must do it today and get on the winning track.

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  • Angelo Reiley
    It is a good idea to make the card slot. It is a more reminiscent of a real game of chance, so during the reel’s rotation you can imagine yourself at a real casino. Even gaming chips appear on the monitor, which are scatters. And the joker appears often, it helps to create more paid combinations.
  • Reiko Schwing
    In general, I am not a fan of card games, but here is another matter! You will not lose everything in the demo game. Such cards I like! The slot itself looks rustic, it is noticeable that it has a lot of years. Suitable for a beginner to practice.
  • Millard Naylor
    If you like to make bold bets, do not doubt to double. Of course, in a free mode, the round does not make much sense, but at the risk of real money it is hard to overestimate its importance.
  • Son Busby
    Card fans will love King of Cards slot. All its symbols are associated with card games, which take place in a real casino. But the main thing - you do not need to go anywhere or to know the rules. I figured out the management immediately. There were only questions about the size of bets and scatter’s features.
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