Ming Dynasty

Ming Dynasty Slot

Ancient China is a rich cultural theme one can argue packs the same values and mysticism as the popular ancient Egyptian theme- but it is a bit more refined and turned to culture rather than wealth.

Regardless, this slot has still a lot of luxury in it, like the highly valuable Ming vases and some reel tiles you’ll recognize as soon as you see them – a great slot with a good profitability index, and one you definitely shouldn’t skip.

Ming Dynasty Slot: Golden Dragon’s Free-Spins!

If you love free-spins with multipliers attached, you’re going to love the Scatter function in the Ming Dynasty slot machine – and all of the amazing payouts that come with it!

You traditionally have scatter tiles providing you with free spins and that’s it, but with this slot machine you’ll actually be looking at a free-spinning feature that not also has your bets covered but also presents you with an amazing multiplier of not x2, but x3!

This means all of your payouts under the scatter game-mode get you the tripe amount of coins, making this feature hugely rewarding and at the core of this machine’s generosity in what it comes to payouts and player-profits!

Don’t think this is the only way to make sure your profits are covered though, there are huge amounts of ways this game can push some coins to your pockets.

Play the Ming Dynasty Slot: Wilds even Double your Pay!

Loving how the Ming Dynasty Slot pays you for your preference? If so, you should wait until you get a combination matched with the wild reel tile in this game since you’ll see your payout get doubled thanks to this game’s wild perk!

Most of the times, the wild reel tiles in a game – even if very powerful – only serve to replace a tile and substitute for missing symbols in combinations. However, in this amazing slot game, you’re looking at a wild tile that does way more than that since it actively doubles every combination it takes part on.

That means that if you would score 400 in one combination and you use a wild tile instead of the normal tile, you earn 800 instead, and that is no small bonus.

It is no wonder this ancient China reminiscent slot is gathering so much attention and so many players throughout different casinos – make it profitable and players will flock to it, that’s the motto of this game’s developers, or so it seems!

Experience the best of the Ming Dynasty right here!

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