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Find out if you are suitable for internet casino’s, how to pick the best internet casino for beginners and which games to play at some of the most top rated casinos that are sure to give you a great start in this online adventure.

Casino Name First deposit bonus Casino Review Visit
1 Unibet Casino Unibet Casino £200 read more PLAY
2 888 Casino 888 Casino €140 read more PLAY
3 JackpotCity JackpotCity Casino £500 read more PLAY
4 Mr. Green Casino Mr. Green Casino £100 read more PLAY
5 Ladbrokes Casino Ladbrokes Casino £1,500 read more PLAY
6 eurogrand Eurogrand Casino £1000 read more PLAY
7 William Hill William Hill Casino £150 read more PLAY
8 Winner Winner Casino £6000 read more PLAY

Don’t worry. There are plenty of people out there like you who never gave internet casino a try and believe me; you are missing out on a whole lot of fun by being too afraid to give this fun gambling method a try. Gambling games or waging for money have been around since the ancient times and most of the popular games like craps, baccarat and roulette found on internet casino was developed in Europe. Gambling is incredibly popular because you can easily turn your pennies into fortunes while you are enjoying a simple and engaging online game that involves no hard labour.

How old do you have to be for internet casino?

The age preference for internet casino differs for different types of games and for different locations. For example, free online casinos will allow youths to enjoy these games because there is no real money involved in the gambling process. The real internet casinos that deal with real cash and real bonuses require you to be at least 18 years of age.

Play internet casino and win many valuable prizes

The location factor when it comes to online casino

International online banks like PayPal is making it possible for you to play casino online from a foreign country, but you need to ensure that the online casino is, in fact, available for your region because a lot of countries forbade online casinos and some online casinos don’t have the licensing for certain geographical locations. The best way to ensure that you don’t end up losing some cash or investments is to check a game’s or an online casino’s terms and conditions to make sure that you are completely legal when accessing the game.

What you need when you want to play online?

To play casino games you will need a good internet connection because a lot of these games require a software download and you will have to be connected for the duration of your games. If your connection is too slow the game is going to be a nightmare and you probably will end up losing a lot more than you gain. Online casinos have tonnes of different games that functions on different types of devices. You could play online casino on a desktop computer or on a mobile device such as a tab or smartphone although some games may not be that easy to enjoy on a mobile device.

How to choose the best one?

You need to register with an online casino before you will be able to play internet casino. Some of the online casino’s will give you a certain startup amount or perhaps even a few free bonuses to get started and to learn how this fun boredom buster works. When you are a serious player you will have to register a credit card or online bank before you can really get into the action and start earning back on your winnings. You should try and stick to a limited amount of casinos when you play because you could end up wasting a lot of money on subscriptions and startups. The best way to ensure that you are completely safe and secure when enjoying online gambling is to subscribe with a well-rated internet casino that have been in practice for quite some time. Some of the top things to look for in online casinos are:

Legal – Make sure the casino you choose has the right licensing to ensure that they are completely legal.

Experience – You should choose an online casino with good experience because these hosts the best gambling games and they have their explanations, terms and their payment methods in place.

Website – The quality of the website will give you a good idea on whether the casino is new, modern and up to date.

Ratings – Look for the highest rated casinos when you play internet casino because you know for sure that these are not scams or malicious sites that are only trying to get a hold of your secure information.

Bonuses – Different casinos offer different bonus structures. If you are just starting out, then try and find a casino that will give you a free trial or a free startup so you can figure out how the games work and whether the casino is good for you or not.

How to choose your games?

Each internet casino can host a number of different types of games and some of the casinos have different versions of the same games. If you are just starting out, then try to begin with games that you know well or games that are easy to learn. You can always advance at a later stage once you grasp the bonus schemes of the casino. Some of the top types of games that most online casino hosts are:

Slot games – These games have three or more reels that spin at the click of a button. You win when the spinning slot stops at three or more matching images and you lose when the images do not align. It is one of the easiest online games that you can try when you play online internet casino, but there is no real way to strategize or improve your chances of winning.

Online Blackjack – The game is simple to understand and easy to learn and has to do with a total card number. Your aim is to get card total of 21 or as close to that as possible from the dealer. Anything too high or low is a bust.

Online Roulette – There are different types of roulette and involves a ball being tossed on a numbered spinning wheel.

A large selection of internet casino

Dice games – Different dice games have different rules, but the main objective is to roll a set of dice and to hope the dice lands on the desired number that you need at that stage.

Online poker – Poker requires some strategy, but is widely loved. This card game involves a lot of rules that you need to grasp.

Bingo – This is one of the most popular online internet casino games and some internet casino allows you to play free. Bingo involves a card combination and numbered ball draws.

There are tonnes of different online games that you can give a go when you enjoy casino internet and new games are often being invented while older games are often being remodelled. When you are just getting started in an online casino then choose something that you are either familiar with or something that is easy to play.

The main thing you need to remember when you try free internet casino play is that it is only a game and you should never be in it for the money. You should enjoy the game as a game and have a blast while you are learning new things and enjoying new games.

  1. Frances Haney

    Many players of the old school refuse to accept Internet casino as such. In fact, it is time to discard the prejudices and to look – the 21st century is now, most bills are paid electronically, money and almost all have moved in cashless transactions.

    Sep 26, 2016
  2. Vigil

    Sociologists have found that almost 40% of the casino regulars of the gaming halls left their favorite casinos for online slots. Obviously, many players have realized the advantages of this system.

    Oct 07, 2016
  3. Joey Yoder

    As you can see, to play internet casino is now really easy. You only need your computer and an internet connection. Then you can play free casino online as much as you want, while you will be safe, not afraid to spend and lose a lot of money

    Oct 21, 2016
  4. Thaddeus Bellamy

    Almost all the games that you can play in land-based casinos can be found on the Internet. In fact, there are many other additional games that you can only find on the Internet – you will not find them in land-based casinos

    Nov 04, 2016
  5. Rodrigo Ludwig

    Online casinos are very convenient, because you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. In a sense, all the entertainments are under your roof. In addition, there is no need to book a ticket on an expensive flight to Las Vegas.

    Nov 14, 2016
  6. Shery Pickrell

    You do not even have to go outside of your home – slot machines are available online at any time at your home. In the Internet era, when conditions are very different and more possibilities are open, you can play online! And nothing will stop you from satisfying your lust for excitement.

    Dec 02, 2016
  7. Tomiko Mahle

    By playing casino games on the internet you can break free of the shackles of the day to day grind and pursue your passions unfettered with the vagaries of juggling work

    Dec 26, 2016
  8. Marco Kittinger

    Once you start your way into the online gambling world, you will see that there are dozens of online casinos on the Internet and most of them look cool and safe. To be absolutely sure that the casino is a good one, don’t forget to read the online casino reviews. 

    Jan 04, 2017
  9. Morton Ludwig

    Overall, online casinos offer all the thrills and possibilities that old-style brick-and-mortar casinos offer, without the hassle of having to get up and go outside. Online gambling can be very profitable, but only if you are smart with your money, and know how to stop when you are ahead.

    Feb 07, 2017


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