Resident Slot

If there was ever an award given for the best theme for a slot game, Resident slot from Igrosoft would surely have been in contention for it. Mixing elements of espionage to the regular slot fare adds a new dimension to the game that is rarely found in other slots.

This slot sees a Soviet spy addressed to as Resident entering the Third Reich to get hold of some critical documents and also free a captive female spy named Cathie. Although the gameplay is very similar to other slots, the uniqueness lies in the interface and the graphics used.

There is a lot of fun to be had and to play for in this exciting game of luck, and you can never get enough of it. There is quite a lot of bonus stuff on offer provided you can match the correct symbols. Playing the game is extremely easy, and all you need to know is how you score points and secure bonuses.

How to Score and Win in Resident Slot

There is a total of 9 lines on which you can place your bets. On every line, you can place bets of up to 25 credits. Pressing the Bet button at the bottom of the slot machine will allow you to place bets on your selected line. It is always the best to wager on the maximum number of lines to increase your chances of victory.

The wild reel tile is one of the most important ones in a slot game as it can substitute most of the other symbols. A fire extinguisher is the wild symbol in the case of this slot game. It can act on behalf of almost all symbols that appear in the slot.

Another important symbol in the game is that which is depicted by a ‘safe’. This symbol is extremely useful when it comes to getting bonuses. You can learn about the other information related to the game if you press the Info button on the slot machine.

Other Special Features of Resident Slot

There are a vast array of other added features and bonus rounds in Resident slot that help you win big. If you can find a combo of 3 safes or more, you are transported to a bonus game where you find four safes in which you have to locate the Third Reich's documents. If the safe you choose has dynamite in it, Resident is killed, and the game ends.

However, if the documents are retrieved, you move on to another round where there are two doors, and you need to open the door that has spy Cathie behind it.

You are sure to enjoy this manic ride and get addicted to it.

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