The advertising review published by the CAP

The advertising review published by the CAP

The review made by the UK Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) studied the influence produced by gaming advertisements on the younger people and general players.

This was done under the demand of the Department of Culture, Media and Sports for UK, which tried to reveal the dependence between gaming promotion and marketing and the influence they have on ordinary people.

The limited influence was determined by the review. CAP follows all the rules and approved plots of the advertisements to make them safe for the UK residents. CAP reviewed the multi-agency processes and various means applied for gambling advertising.

The ASA held an independent review this year revealing the general public claims as to the public expectations concerning gambling advertising. CAP, in its turn, assured the public in understanding people’s concerns but proceeding to hold the reasonable approach to gambling promotion and its definite role in the society.

CAP included into the review:

  • The necessity to invite academics working on the influence of advertising and the possibility to avoid risks.
  • Composing the guidance for such ads.
  • The necessity to improve and widen the evidence base.
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