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The Money Game Slot is a curious game for people who love money and interested in earning more. The author is a company called Novomatic. Like in the majority of games released by this company, there is nothing extraordinary or uncommon. All the features, symbols and a set of functional available can be treated as usual ones. There is nothing extraordinary, but nevertheless, slot has a lot of fans and daily players. Let us see what brings more and more users to this simple game.

How to play and Money Game strategies

It is well-known that people are always attracted by huge money and it doesn’t matter whether a person is rich or poor. Green rustling banknotes placed in wallets, bags and suitcases with a real excitement. And this slot is full of money and in order to gain them you need to apply some small efforts and nothing more. Everywhere in the game you will see green colors. Do you know why? Of course it is so because it symbolizes the color of the dollar denomination. Each symbol is screaming about the money. Among them be ready to come across with coins, packs, bags and a huge golden dollar sign.

A task of each slot machine is to offer its players competing with luck and win a huge amount for their efforts, patience and intuition. Within the slot you won’t be able to think about nothing more than the money. Your aim will be everywhere, so the chances to become richer are very high!

As in any other slot released by the same company, there are 5 reels and 9 paylines. There is an opportunity to customize them yourself up to your goals. This is possible to do with «Lines» button and bets you can do. The minimum bet here is 9 credits and the maximum – up to 900. If you want to change the size of the bet, Bet button will be available during the game play.

Money Game slot playing procedure

So, you are ready to start your way to success. In order to make the bills rolling in on you should simply press Start button and nothing else. As everything is about the money here, it means that all the characters are related. Lowest paying symbols are card denominations from 9 till A. Despite the fact that they are not all green, they truly remind notes on the banknotes. More profitable symbols of the slot are coin, purse, bundle of dollars, dollar bag and a bag full of dollars. They all can bring you dozens or even thousands of credits depending on a combination. The slot really loves everyone who likes money, so it offers bonuses. Man, who looks very solid and rich in a high-quality costume, is a wild symbol. In case if you have at least 3 dollar signs on the screen – congratulations! You’ve got a chance to try 15 free spins and win more money. Be sure, if you are a lucky one, then the payouts you receive in total after 15 spins can compensate what you’ve spent before.

Play The Money Game Slot for free from the very beginning. There is such a great chance for the beginners. Pay attention to the right side panel. After each winning spin you will see two extra buttons: Double and Collect. If you click on Double, then risky game will run. It is pretty simple: just guess the color of the card. It is possible to risk with your winning a couple of times but in case if you are mistaken, all the money you won will be lost. Collect button in its turn allows you to get your winning without any additional risky games. If you set up your mind for the success, you will definitely have it. It’s the most important rule if we deal with casinos. Risk is everywhere. But everyone has a chance to be lucky!

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