Pirates Gold

The Pirates Gold Slot

The Pirates Gold Slot: Plunder and Glory Await You!

By playing this amazing video slot machine game The Pirates Gold slot you’ll actually feel the salt on your face, you’ll hear the waves, you’ll see the gold shining and you’ll dream of the treasure that still waits to be uncovered – gold doubloons and pearl necklaces, pristine as the foam on the waves that reach the shore.

Poetry apart, Net Entertainment really made it on this one as it focused on increasing immersion while keeping the game amazingly profitable and enjoyable at the same time – all for a good chunk of its fan base, who simply love pirate-themed machines, machines that are always surprisingly popular in any online or offline casino.

Ahoy! The Pirates Gold Slot brings you some amazing bonuses:

If you love mini-games and those bonus games that are usually included in most modern day slot machine titles you’ll love this The Pirates Gold slot game since it comes with not one but two bonus levels you can play and earn enormous rewards in – and we mean huge rewards, as you’ll see below.

On the first game you’ll be given control of the cannons and you’ll sink an enemy ship – you can either find multipliers or a golden key.

If you capture the golden key you’ll enter the second mini-game – your personal parrot will grab the key and go to the chest you order it to, winning you more valuable multipliers.

Now, if you think x10 multipliers are interesting, wait until I tell you the numbers (x100, x500, x1000)!

Got your attention now?

Play the Pirates Gold Free: Pirates don’t pay stuff anyway

If wish to take all of the experience without leaving your coins behind, you think like a pirate. Unfortunately you can’t take any profit with you as you leave, but what you can do is experience the game to its fullest in a free way.

Enjoy a good session of Pirates Gold free playing

The game is pretty fun and even worthwhile to play free just for giggles, so wait no further and collect that hidden treasure, sink those ships and have fun as you unveil the beautiful pirate-themed reels designed just for you.

start to play and win!
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