The Steps in Gambling Development

The Steps in Gambling Development

Have you heard about the Theory of Evolution by Charles Darwin? We are sure that you will answer positively. But we are going to talk about other process. What do you know about the Evolution of gambling? If your answer is negative, then the following information will be of great interest for you. We offer you the detailed chronological analysis of gambling appearance during the Tang Dynasty and its further development in Europe, ban by the English Parliament in 1461, creation of the world’s first casino in Belgium, in Spa town, legitimation in Las Vegas and up to opening of online casinos.

But the culmination of gambling evolution is considered the opening of Unibet band, which offers more bonuses, free bets and a great amount of different gambling possibilities then it was before this.

Before starting our survey, it’s necessary to stress that the history of gambling evolution is rich and long. We have just picked up some of the most significant and interesting things from its history. So, let’s start!

The year 3000 B.C. The first gambling with dice was recorded in Mesopotamia. Can you imagine that this happened so long ago?

In the 2000 B. C. paper, money and playing cards were invented in China. This country has always been in the forefront of different inventions.

From 618 to 907 playing cards was one of the favorite occupations during the reign of the Tang Dynasty. And again China is mentioned as The Tang dynasty was an imperial dynasty of China. The Tang dynasty is generally regarded as a high point in Chinese civilization: a golden age of cosmopolitan culture. 

In the 11th century Europe and Egypt appears on the stage of gambling. In Europe and Egypt playing cards became a popular pastime.

In 1461 in England card games and dice were banned by the English Parliament, the only exception was 12 days of Christmas. England has always been known as a conservative and rather religious country, so they can’t ignore such thing as gambling and they can’t stay aside.

In 1732 a Roman Lottery was allowed to be established by the Pope. So ,even the Pope understood the desire of people to have fun and to earn some money without doing something. The year 1765 is famous among the fans of gambling as this year in Belgium, in the town of Spa the world’s first casino “La Redoute” was opened.

Do you consider yourself a real poker player? Do you know the history of this game? No? Then, you are welcome: in 1834 the first reference to the name of the card game “Poker” was first recorded.

And at last gambling reached the USA. In 194 gambling was legalized in the State of Nevada.

After this a lot of land based casinos appeared, but this is not so significant as the first legal site for online tournament-play that was opened in 1996.

In 1997 the online casino Unibet invited the players to its virtual online gambling establishment for the first time.

And as a result in 2014 the Unibet casino became one of the best online gambling establishments with the widest range of services: sportsbooks, casino, poker, free bonuses and best fun games! So, here is a brief excursus into the history of gambling!

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