Twisted Circus

The Twisted Circus slot

Capitalizing on several different body ailments and unique characteristics or mutations, freak shows were fairs in which individuals affected by these things were exposed to the public and made their living being so.

Twisted Circus Slot: The RingMaster’s Bonus!

There is a game in which you have to pick between sixteen different stars in order to score some payouts, and this game is triggered by collecting the Ringmaster reel tile.

The mechanics on this game and the way it rolls are pretty common when it comes to slot machines- it’s the traditional game mechanic of having various items or places to choose from and each of those single items hosts a different number of credits to be claimed or a “bad pick” to get you out of the bonus game.

In this particular case, as discussed, you’ll be picking stars in order to claim the payouts, and you’ll get to this game by matching the bonus tile you can identify as being “the ringmaster”.

You don’t have to rely on the bonus side-game or the bonus tiles to get a huge payout though, and there are a lot of other ways to reach high numbers and a good profit even without ever picking a star – the winning combinations are plentiful and the payouts are pretty impressive, so there’s nothing to worry about if you simply can’t hit that bonus tile even though getting a bonus is pretty common.

Scattering the Tickets: The Twisted Circus Slot

There are no free lunches and no free spots to watch the Twisted Circus Slot and its show, but you can make the most of your ticket by getting it traded in by some amazing free-spins!

This is another great perk you’ll get when playing this freak-show themed Twisted Circus Slot, and along with the bonus mini-game this is one of the greatest and surest ways to bank a good amount of credits.

The scatter reel tiles give you free-spins when you trigger their benefits by getting more than two of them, and this makes you collect payouts without betting – which is something we all know is entirely worth it.

So, features apart, there’s a lot to like about this slot title since it packs a lot of novelty by tackling a theme that most developers don’t.

If you ever get tired of playing your typical pirate, Egyptian, marvel themed slots, then jump on this original and creative title for a good dose of change!

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