The UK gambling operators started responsible gaming ad

The UK gambling operators started responsible gaming ad

The Senet Group, an independent body of the greatest UK’s gaming operators presented their full of humour TV advertisement promoting responsible gaming and their desire to ensure their willingness of cooperation.

The four members of the Senet- PaddyPower, William Hill, Ladbrokes and Carol- tried to present a “serious” message but with a “fun” premise. See the ad online now.

The advertisement shows a young gambler in the betting shop. He is in a few minutes before making a new bet hoping to win with his last pounds after numerous unsuccessful stakes. But he doesn’t have time to make the crucial step as everything changes in the shop. Everyone from the cashier to a joker on the screen enter the hit of 1970s “Black Betty” by Ram Jam. The show is completed with the message “When the fun stops, stop” and the lights on the word “fun” are disappearing.

The advertisement, made by The Corner, can be seen online and in newspapers, heard on the radio. It is designed to attract the attention of 9.7 million people, and follows an initial run of print and online ads issued earlier. Everyone can notice as a sign for those who need some guidance or advice on gambling addiction.

The temporary executive of the Senet Group Ron Finley remarked, “Our gamblers are rather responsible and try to control themselves. But we offer our campaign to point at the warning signs and to inform about the help that is waiting for those who need it.”

Since the formation of the Senet Group in September, this was their first campaign to prove their desire to provide only responsible gaming. They even intended to put necessary messages about responsibility and control on the fifth part of their shops’ windows.

They also fulfilled their intention to appoint an independent standards commission. Wanda Goldwag was introduced recently.

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