Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider slot

With her dual pistols and her short shorts, Lara was one of the sexiest girls in the video-game industry – and a lot of us guys fantasized about her and her great, let’s say, physical attributes. She was a smart one too, and that was a bonus, but she really had a great pair of… pistols!

Tomb Raider Slot: A Tomb of Idols!

One of the best features in any video slot game or online slot machine game is the bonus side game that makes the game play feel fresh or at least somewhat unique. This perk does break down the rhythm and it allows players to stop the spinning frenzy in order to appreciate the game, the setting and a cool new way to reach a payout.

During the games and movies, Lara had a lot of allies helping her on the backstage even though most of the work had to be done alone – and there’s a lot of ways you can help her this time.

First of all, you can lend Lara Croft a hand in the Tomb Raider slot machine by going over some idols which have some pretty impressive cash values.

You’ll be entering a tomb and get a set of different idols laid out in front of you, and you’ll have to help her pick – behind this idols, or depending on the pick, you’ll see different credit values you can pocket if they are behind your own pick.

This is quite a traditional game mechanic, but the game-theme and movie-theme hybrid surrounding this title give it a unique look and feel you’ll definitely appreciate.

Revive your Childhood with the Tomb Raider Slot!

Many of the gamblers of older generations actually best remember Lara Croft from their childhood when playing her games, and although the youngest gamblers will recognize the elements of the Tomb Raider slot from the movies, the older ones sure know who to thank.

As an element of our childhood background or as a fictional star that grew on us later on, Lara Croft is a wonderful hero that isn’t your mainstream hero – she has no super powers and her job isn’t to save the world – typically – but to uncover the world’s most ancient, powerful, destructive or precious artifacts, and chances are you helped her already once or twice.

Now you have the chance to do it again and remember those golden days in which you would sit in front of your PS One in order to clear some dungeons and shoot some baddies while tackling those iconic puzzles.

Revive the child within you and spin the magical reels of your imagination once again.

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