Untamed Giant Panda

Untamed Giant Panda slot

Pandas are the ultimate cuties and everybody loves them – seriously, who doesn’t love Pandas in this world?

Cute, white, black and fluffy, you could expect the game developers on Untamed to capitalize on those values since the Panda hits it right on the head when it comes to the traditional theme of the developers – the wilderness.

Although Pandas struggle to be on the wilderness due to various variables and they are an endangered species, you can watch them for as long as you want in this game.

The Untamed Giant Panda Slot has the Scatter Eyes: And boy is it wild!

The wild reel tiles are a lot of fun on their own, but when combined with the amazing scatter function of the Untamed Giant Panda slot, things get way better – and you’ll understand why in a second.

During your play on other slots you may come to think of the scatter reel tiles as simple reels that give you some free-spins or maybe multipliers when you match them – well in this title it gets a little bit different and the developers made sure to add a little bit of novelty to the stuff by making wilds stick.

What does it mean?

It means that when you get wild reel tiles during the scatter spinning process, even if they don’t match, they be kept on the play area on the spot you got them and you’ll be able to continue spinning with those wild reel tiles held in place, vastly increasing your opportunities of scoring big wins – isn’t that an exciting and creative new feature?

The Untamed Giant Panda Slot counts your Wilds!

Now, to discuss about the wild reel tiles in the Untamed Giant Panda slot title, there is a lot to be said here.

When it comes to mainstream slot machines, the wild reel tiles substitute for any other tile or symbol, making it easier for you to get combinations and, therefore, payouts.

These symbols help you by completing plays you otherwise would fail to make, and therefore have a lot of face value on their own – on the other hand, this panda-themed machine has another wild feature to be added that will jumpstart your profits.

You see, the more wilds you collect, the more wilds will be recorded by the machine and when you hit 4 wilds in a single column – in different plays of course – you’ll get the whole column replaced by wild symbols and you can give it a spin for increased odds of payout.

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