Untamed Wolf Pack

Untamed Wolf Pack Slot

There are a lot of theme related slot reel tiles to match and to combine in order to win the highest payouts, but the truth is we just can’t have a slot machine that lacks the classic elements.

In this particular case, the Poker symbols are what stand for what is classic and you can count with the presence of the classy A, J, 10, K, Q…

The modern elements, however, add a little more spice to the slot and will allow you to reach new heights, and remember: When in doubt, check the pay table!

Gamble it Safe with the Untamed Wolf Pack Slot:

Do you know those cute gambling options slot machines nowadays have? Well, this one has also got a gambling option, but it will give you the opportunity to gamble even if you’re a moderate player and not one too prone on taking risks.

The traditional gambling option and the one that is popular in many mainstream Untamed Wolf Pack slot titles gives you the ability to take any payout from any winning combination and gamble it for a chance to double it, win more out of that bet or – if you’re unlucky – to lose it all.

Well, the wolves give you a new opportunity, as their own gambling function has a safety net – you can now gamble only half of your earnings and keep the other half safe in your coin purse.

This makes is so that even the most casual players can try the gambling functionality every now and then, and when the payout is big you can now keep a wealthy portion and try to gamble the other half in order to maximize your earnings.

Scatter the Wolves in the Untamed Wolf Pack Slot

Even though the game is heavily based on Wilds, you still have the scatter reel tiles when it comes to the Untamed Wolf Pack slot machine, so you can profit from free-spins as well.

The scatter reel tiles will fill your account with a certain number of free spins, and this free spin number is heavily reliant on how many scatters you managed to acquire.

These freebies will spin the slot with the same rates as you were playing with, but these spins however won’t cost you a single dime – this makes it possible to rake in some cash!

Are you ready to tackle the wilds and howl to the moon over the insanely huge payouts you’ll be collecting thanks to the wilds, scatters, free-spins and bonuses? If so, start by placing your bets and pressing that spin button!

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