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Free poker games online is one of the most popular virtual gambling. Moreover, this game is favorite among ordinary fans of slot machines as well as card lovers. Virtual versions do not differ from their counterparts that are available in a real poker casino. To help you better understand the standard version of the game and the popular varieties, we offer you universal rules that exist in all video poker.

General rules of video poker

If you want to win, you need to make a paid card combination. There are no opponents in the casino, so you do not have to compare those combinations. Everything here is the same as in conventional slot machines if you obtain the paid combination - the money will go to your balance; if not - you can continue or quit the game.

The process begins with the fact that a player makes a bet and click on Deal. Then 5 cards appear on the monitor. The user needs to assess the cards and decide. He/she can leave any card by pressing Hold or can change them all. If the player succeeded to make a paid combination, the prize will go to his balance due to play video poker online table. But before that a bonus game is usually available in which you have to select one of the four closed cards to multiply your prize. In some types the bonus level is available several times, until the first error.

Standard combinations to play video poker online

Universal combinations that occur in all types are the following: a pair, two pairs, triplet, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight and royal flushes. Please note that in different types of games not all combinations are paid and accounted for. Virtually all popular types have a joker. Its role can perform a separate card or one of the ordinary ones. As a rule, the maximum combination composed by one or more jokers is paid less than a "pure" one. So, it is not always profitable to collect bonus combination, although it all depends on the specific type of video poker.

Types of online video poker

In recent years there appeared various kinds of video poker. With such an amount of options newcomers, who have never done real bets, may be at a loss. We can help you make the right choice by providing an overview of the most relevant virtual video poker.

  • Deuces Wild. In this type a standard deck of playing cards are used. The main feature is that deuce is a bonus card which you can change any other. Deuces are also involved in many paid combinations paid.
  • Deuces and Joker. This variety has a huge amount of joker cards. However, there is a minimum combination of three cards. But the probability of getting a prize here is as high as possible, especially if you use the optimal strategy.
  • Joker Poker - this is the easiest and most popular form with a huge amount of winning combinations. It is very close to the classic poker flush. A deck consists of 52 cards and if you want to get the minimum prize, you need to collect at least a couple of cards.
  • Jacks or better - the simplest version which uses instead of a combination of a pair of "Jacks or Better", the combination of two Aces, Kings or Queens.

The main features of video poker

Experienced gamblers recommend choosing several kinds of this interesting and profitable game and practising them without paying attention to other options. If you want to break the big jackpots while play video poker online, then stop at the option with the highest payout percentages. Then learn the details of the basic strategy and practice making the minimum bets. When you are confident in your abilities, you can move on to the real stakes to receive a sound profit in a safe and generous casino.

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